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Adding a Chart in PowerApps Portal

Introduction: In this blog, we will understand how to add Charts in PowerApps Portal.

Steps to be followed:

To display chart on PowerApps portal you need:

  • Chart ID
  • View ID

Getting Chart ID:

  1. Go to the table(entity) whose chart you want to display on the portal.
  2. Click on “Show Chart”
  1. Select the chart you want from drop-down
  1. Click on More Commands (⋮) and Export the chart
  • Open the downloaded file and copy the value of visualizationid.

Getting View ID:

  1. Go to
  2. Go to Data -> Table and select the table(entity)
  1. Go to Views and select and open the view based on your requirement
  1. Copy the View ID from the URL

Liquid Code to add Chart

{% chart id:"8bc5fb18-48f2-4782-9e16-3d452fa4ddce" viewid:"8d326cf3-9a3d-e311-80c5-00155dd005db" %}
  • Replace Chart Id and View Id with your values.

Adding Code on Web Page:

  1. Go to PowerApps portal studio
  2. Select the webpage (page) on which you want to add the chart.
  1. Click on Source Code Editor </>
  1. Paste your code here and click on save
  1. Once you are done, Click on Browse website.

You can see the Chart on the webpage

After Adding multiple Charts:


  1. Doughnut and Tag Chart Types are not supported.
  2. Charts support entity permissions.

For Example, we are displaying a chart related to opportunity, then the user must have entity permission of opportunity to access the chart on Portal.

Otherwise user will get below error on Portal.

To resolve this issue Create entity Permission with scope based on your requirements and add web roles in that.

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