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Configure Notes in PowerApps Portal

Introduction: In this blog, we will understand how to configure notes on basic(entity) forms in the PowerApps portal.

Steps to be followed:

  1. Add notes section on the form.(The form which you are using in the PowerApps portal)
  1. Open the Portal Management App.
  2. Open the basic(entity) form on which you want to configure the notes. (Edit or Read-only forms)
  1. Go to Basic Form Metadata.
  1. Click on “+New Basic Form Metadata”
  1. Enter details.
    • Select Type as “Notes”.
  • Enable Create, Edit and Delete based on your requirement.
  • Select “Note Attachment” in “File Attachment Location”.
  1. Save the record.
  2. Create Table(entity) Permission.
  • I am creating notes for the “Project Task” table so I have to create two table(entity) permission records one for Project Task and one for Notes.

a. Table permission for the Project Task table. (Don’t forget to add web roles to the table permission)

b. Table permission for Notes.

Entity: Notes

Scope: Parent (This will make sure the user can only see notes that are related to the record)

Privileges: Read,Create,Write,Append,Append To

  1. Go to Portal, You should able to create notes now.


  1. Table must be enable for attachments. (Enable Attachments)
  1. The basic (entity) form on which you are configuring notes must be enabled for table permission.
  1. The description of each note must be prefixed with *WEB* while creating from a model-driven app. ( if you don’t add this prefix your notes won’t be visible in Portal)
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