Configure Subgrid on Basic(Entity) form in PowerApps Portal.

Introduction: In this blog, we will understand how to configure subgrid on basic(entity) forms in the PowerApps portal.

Steps to be followed:

  1. Add Sub grid on the form.(The form which you are using in the PowerApps portal)
  1. Open the basic(entity) form on which you want to add the sub-grid. (Edit or Read-only forms)
  1. Go to Basic Form Metadata and click on “+New Basic Form Metadata”.
  1. Enter details.
  • Select Type as “Subgrid”
  • Select the subgrid which you want to display.

Grid Configuration

  • To create a new record from the subgrid select “+Create” from View Actions.
  • Target Type: Select a Webpage or Basic form based on your requirement. (if you want to open a new page for creating record then select webpage or if you want to open a modal window to create a new record then select basic form)
  • Redirect to Webpage: if you select Webpage as target type then this option will be visible you can select the webpage where you want to redirect to the user for creating new records.
  • Basic Form: if you select the basic form as the target type then this option will be visible and you can select the basic form which will get open while creating a new record.
  • To View, Edit, and delete the records from the sub-grid select “+Details“, “+Edit” and “+Delete” from Item Actions respectively.
  • Select the Target Type and basic form which will be used to view and edit the Project Task.
  1. Save the record.
  2. Go to the portal to view the changes.

Create Form:

Edit Form:


  1. User must have table permission for project and project task table.

I hope you find this helpful! 😊😊

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  1. Can we add subgrid in insert form(Create from). There is a requirement to add data to related table i am able to add it through edit mode but not in create mode. Please provide solution .

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