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Create an array using append to array variable in Power Automate.


This blog explains how we can use append to an array variable to create an array in Power Automate.

Use Case:Β In my example, I am retrieving contacts of dataverse and then creating an array of email addresses of retrieved contacts.

Steps to be followed:

  1. Search for “Initialize Variable” action and select that.
  1. Give Name to your variable and select Type as Array.
  1. Use “List rows” action to retrieve the contacts from dataverse.
  1. Select “Apply to each” action.
  1. In Apply to each action, pass value of List rows action from the dynamic content.
  1. Add “Append to array variable” action inside the “Apply to each”.
  1. In Append to array variable action Enter Name and Value.
  • Name: Select the Name of the variable which we created earlier.
  • Value: Pass the email address of the contact.
  1. Add Compose action and pass the “Contact Email Address” variable from the dynamic content in Inputs of Compose.

Final Flow:

Running the Flow:

I hope you find this helpful!! 😊😊

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