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Convert Queue Items to Case in D365 CE(Create a Case from emails)

Introduction: In this blog, we will understand how to create a case in D365 CE whenever an email is received to the queue. (Converting queue items to the case)

Use Case: We have a queue named customer support and whenever a user sends an email to the customer support queue, a new case should get created in D365 CE.

Steps to be followed:

Create Mailbox for Queue:

We will create a Shared mailbox which can be used by multiple people.(support team)

  1. Go to Admin Center.
  2. Go to Groups -> Shared mailboxes-> Add a shared mailbox
  1. Enter Name , Email and click on save changes.

Once a shared mailbox is created we can use that email address while configuring the queue.

Creating Queue in D365 CE:

  1. Go to Admin Center. (
  2. Select the environment in which you want to create a queue.
  3. Click on Settings
  1. Expand Business and Click on Queues.
  1. Click on “+New” to create new record.
  1. Enter Name and Incoming email of the queue.
  1. Save record.
  2. After Saving, a record Mailbox will be automatically created for the Queue.

Configuring the Mailbox

  1. Open the Mailbox of the queue.
  2. Click on Approve Email
  3. Click on Test & Enable Mailbox
  4. After Configuring Successfully, you can see Status as Success for Incoming and Outgoing Email.

Now we have configured the queue and mailbox successfully.

We will create “RECORD CREATION AND UPDATE RULES” to create case of queue items.


  1. Open the Customer Support queue record
  2. Go to Record Creation and update rules section and click on “+New Record Creation and Update Rule”
  1. Enter Rule name and save the record
  1. Click on “+New” to add action
  • Enter the condition to create new case record.

You can add condition based on your requirement.

  • After adding condition click on “Save and open Power Automate”

Customizing Power Automate

  1. Click on Continue
  1. Once you will click on Continue, a flow will be created automatically.
  1. Save the flow.
  • Activate the Record Creation and Update Rule by clicking on Activate button.

After doing everything successfully, both the records should look like below:

Record Creation and Update Rule Record:

Queue Record:


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