Display activities in the Timeline of PowerApps Portal


This blog explains how to display out of the box and custom activities in the Timeline of the PowerApps portal.

Use Case: In my example, I have a custom entity named “demo” and a custom-activity-type entity named “Custom activity”. We will display activities related to the demo records in the PowerApps portal.

Steps to be followed:

  1. Entity (Table) must have activities enabled.
  1. Add the Timeline on the Main form.(The form which you are using in the PowerApps portal)
  1. Once you are done, Go to Portal Management App.
  1. Select the entity form on which you want to add the timeline. (Edit or Read only forms)
  1. Go to “Entity Form Metadata” tab and click on “+New Entity Form Metadata”
  • Select Type as Timeline and set Create Enabled to true if you want to allow users to create Portal Comments.
  1. Save and Close the record.
  1. Once you are done customizing the entity forms, we have to create entity permissions so that users can access them on the PowerApps Portal.

a. Entity permission for the demo entity. (Don’t forget to add web roles to the entity permission)

b. Entity permission for Activity (activitypointer)

Entity: Activity

Scope: Parent (This will make sure the user can only see activities that are related to the record)

Privileges: Read

c. Entity Permission for Portal Comments

Entity: Portal Comments

Scope: Parent (This will make sure that the user can only see portal comments that are related to the record)

Privileges: Read,Create,Append,Append To

  • Go to PowerApps portal. You can see activities in the timeline.

By default, a user can only see the activities given below in the Timeline of the Portal.

  • Email
  • Appointment
  • Phone Call
  • Portal Comment

To View other and custom activities follow the steps given below:

  1. Search for “CustomerSupport/DisplayAllUserActivitiesOnTimeline” site setting and update its value to true.

Note: If this site setting does not exist, create a new site setting record as shown below.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-27-1024x478.png
  1. Go to Solutions –> Default Solution
  • Open the Activity Table
  • Go to views and select “Portal Timeline view”
  • Click on Edit Filters and add the activity which you want to display.
  • Click OK after editing the filter. (I have added Task and Custom Activity in filter)
  • Save and Publish

Go to your PowerApps portal, you can now see tasks and custom activity in the timeline. (Clear Cache of your portal if it is not visible)

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