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Display Choices(Multi-select option set)column of dataverse in Canvas App Gallery

Introduction: In this blog, we will understand how we display the values of the choices(multi-select option set) column of dataverse in the gallery of canvas app(PowerApps).

Use Case: I have a custom table named “Webinar” and the table has a “Topic” column of data type Choices(multi-select option set) and we want to display the values of the topic in the gallery of canvas app.

  • If we use “ThisItem.Topic” to get its value as we use for any other column we will get the below error.

Follow the below steps to achieve this:

  1. Select your gallery control.
  1. Go to the Insert tab.
    • Select Gallery and click on Vertical gallery.
  • Drag your gallery and set it below the Topic column
  • Basically, we have added one more gallery inside our main Gallery.
  • Select your sub gallery and change its layout.
  • Select Title Layout.

After changing the layout it should look like below:

  1. Select your Sub Gallery and set its Items property to “ThisItem.Topic
Items: ThisItem.Topic

Note: Here, Topic is my column name.

  1. Select Title control which is inside the sub gallery and set its Text property to ThisItem.Value
Text: ThisItem.Value
  1. After adding text property you can see values are visible now.
  • You can Delete Separator and Next Arrow control of your sub gallery.

After making all the changes successfully, it should look like below:

I hope you find this helpful!!

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