Display D365 Plugin Error on PowerApps Portal


It is important for the end-user to understand the error displayed on PowerApps Portals. In this blog, we will display D365 Plugin Error on the PowerApps Portals.

By default, the error will be displayed as shown below:


Step 1: Go to “Portal Management” app.

Step 2: Create a new Site Setting record.

Go to Site Settings –> “+New”

Step 3: Set the values given below in the fields:

Name: Site/EnableCustomPluginError

Value: true

Now you can see the Error thrown by D365 Plugin.


Custom plugin errors will appear on the following screens:

  • Entity list
    • Retrieval of records
  • Entity form
    • Retrieve
    • Create/Update and so on
  • Web forms
    • Retrieve
    • Create/Update and so on

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