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Embed MS Forms to PowerApps Portal

This blog will explain how you can embed forms created in Microsoft Forms to PowerApps Portal.

Follow Below steps to achieve this:

Steps to get the URL of MS Form:

  1. Open the MS Form which you want to add to the PowerApps portal.
  2. Click on Share
  1. Copy the link of form

Steps for embedding form in PowerApps Portal

  1. Go to PowerApps portal studio
  2. Select the webpage (page) on which you want to embed the form. 
  1. Go to Components -> Select IFrame
  1. After Adding IFrame update the properties of IFrame.

Link: paste the URL which we copied from MS Forms.


You can update Height and width property based on your requirement.

  1. Browse the website once you are done.

This step by step procedure will help you to embed forms created in MS Forms in PowerApps portal.

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