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Filter Array in Power Automate(MS Flow)


This blog explains how to use the Filter Array action to filter the array in Power Automate (MS Flow)

Use Case: In my example, I am retrieving opportunities than filtering based on won and lost opportunities.

Steps to be followed:

  1. Add “+New step”
  1. Search for filter array action and select that.
  1. In Filter array action, pass your array in “From”
  • Add column by which you want to filter.

In my case, I am filtering based on status of the opportunity that’s why I selected status column.

  • Add a condition to filter based on won opportunity.
  • NOTE: won opportunity has a status value equal to 1.
  1. Repeat step number 3 to add filter for lost opportunities.
  • NOTE: lost opportunity has a status value equal to 2.
  1. You can use the “Create HTML table” action to format the result of the filter action.
  • Select Create HTML table action
  • Enter the Body of the Filter array (won opportunities) from Dynamic content.
  • Add columns in the table.
  • For Value enter as per below.

Similarly create table for lost opportunities.

Final Flow:


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