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Get model-driven app notifications on mobile using Power Automate

Introduction: In this blog, we will understand how we can get the notifications related to a model-driven app on mobile using Power Automate(MS Flow).

We will understand “Send push notification V2” action.

Use Case:  In my example, I am sending a notification to the sales team when an opportunity is won in D365 CE(CRM).

Steps to be followed:

  1. Search for “Power Apps Notification v2” connector and click on that.
  1. Select “Send push notification V2” action.
  1. Entering values
  • Mobile app: Select Power Apps
  • Your app: select the app for which you are creating a notification.

In my case, I am selecting the Sales Team Member app. You can select any other app based on your requirement.

  • Recipient Items: Set of users to whom you want to send notification.

You can add multiple emails by clicking on “+Add new item”

  • Message: Your notification message.
  • Open app: If you select yes then it will open the app when the notification is clicked, otherwise it will not do anything.
  • Entity: Select the entity for which notification will open up.
  • Form or view: Select the form or view which should open up when the notification is clicked.
  • Record ID: If we select the form in the Form or View parameter, then we must enter the Record ID to identify which record should open up when the notification is clicked. 

After adding all the values:

Entire Flow:

Running the Flow:

Clicking on the notification will open the record.


  1. User must have Power Apps installed to use this functionality
  1. User must have access to the model-driven app which should open up when the user clicks on the notification.
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