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Get webpage URL in PowerApps Portal

In this blog, we will cover the steps to get the URL of a webpage without hard coding it using liquid code.

Follow Below steps to achieve this:

Create Site Marker Record.

  1. Go to the “Portal Management” App.
  2. Go to “Site Markers” and click on “+New” to create a new record
  1. Enter details

Name: Name of site marker record

Website: select the portal website

Page: Select the page whose URL you need.

  1. Save the record.

Once you create site marker record successfully, add below liquid code on a web template or web page based on your requirement.

Liquid Code:

      {% assign reportPage = sitemarkers['Support Page'] %}
      <h2><b><a href=" {{reportPage.url}}">Go to Support Page!</a></b></h2>


sitemarkers[‘Support Page’] here ‘Support Page’ is the name of Site marker record.

Now when you will click on “Go to Support Page !” it will redirect to Support page.

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