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Getting Started with Azure Logic Apps


In this blog, you will get an overview of Azure Logic apps and it will help you to take the first steps in exploring them.

  1. The Azure Logic app is a Platform-As-A-Service.
  2. It helps in building automated tasks, processes, and workflows.
  3. Used for advanced integration.
  4. You can design or create logic apps on the browser as well as on Visual Studio.
  5. Charged based on action run and connector run

Refer the article given below for the differences between MS Flow and Logic App:

Use Case: Whenever an HTTP request is received, create a new lead record in CDS, and send an email to the user. 

Follow the steps given below to create your first logic app:

  1. Login to Azure (
  2. Go to “Logic apps”
  1. Click on “+Add” to create a new logic app.
  1. Select Resource Group, Give a name to your logic app and select “Review + create”
  1. Click on “Create”
  1. Click on “Go to Resources”
  1. You can select an existing template or create a new one by clicking on “Blank Logic App”
  1. Select the trigger based on your requirement (here I have selected Request trigger)
  1. After adding the trigger, add actions based on your requirements.

Checking Run History

Go to Overview –> Run History

NOTE: This blog is intended to give you a quick overview of the Azure logic app and to get you started with it. A lot of complicated tasks can be performed as well with the logic app.

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