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How to add MS Flow in a Business Process Flow. (“When a flow step is executed” trigger)

Introduction: In this blog, we will understand how we can add MS Flow in a Business Process flow.

We will understand “When a flow step is executed” trigger of CDS(Current Environment)

Use Case: In my example, I am adding MS Flow in the Propose stage of “Lead to Opportunity Sales Process” Business Process Flow.

I am taking the file as an input parameter and sending an email to the customer with that file as an attachment.

Steps to be followed:

  1. Create Flow inside a Solution in Power Automate. (this is very important)
  1. Select Common Data Service(Current Environment) as a connector
  1. Select “When a flow step is executed” as a trigger
  • You can “+Add an input” based on your requirement. I am taking file as an input parameter. (It is not mandatory to have an input parameter)
  1. This triggers gives many Output parameters by which you can identify the active stage of BPF, entity name , guid of the record and many more details.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-46-1024x643.png
  1. Add further actions based on your requirements.

Adding MS Flow in Business Process Flow:

  1. Select and edit the BPF in which you want to add the MS Flow
  1. Drag and drop the Flow Step(preview) component in the BPF stage
  1. Select the Flow which you want to add and click on Apply
  1. Update the Business Process Flow

Running the Flow

  1. Click on Run Flow button
  1. Click on Import to Add the file and Click on Run Flow
  1. Click on Done

Your flow will run and you can see the result.

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