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Migrate PowerApps Portal configuration

Introduction: Once the development of the portal is complete we might want to migrate the portal configuration from development to testing or to the production.

 Migration involves exporting the existing configuration from the source Common Data Service environment and then importing it into the target Common Data Service environment.


  • Configuration Migration tool

If you don’t have that tool you can download it from here:

  • Schema file related to your portal

Different types of portals will have different schema files.

You can download schema files from here:

Steps to Export portal Configuration: 

  1. Download a portal configuration schema file for your portal type. 
    • Let say we are migrating CDS Starter portal than we must download schema file for that
    • Click to download. 

“.xml” file will get downloaded automatically.

  1. Open Configuration Migration tool 
  • Open “Configuration Migration” folder
  • Double click “DataMigrationUtility.exe” file
  • Tool will open
  1. Select “Export Data” 🡪 Continue
  1. Enter Login Details and click on Login

Online Region: If you don’t know the region select “Don’t Know” else select the region

Username: username of account

Password: password

  1. Select the environment to which you want to connect (select the environment where the portal has been configured)
  1. Upload “Schema file” and “Save to data file”
  • Schema file: upload the portal schema file which we have downloaded in step 1.
  • Save to data file: specify the name and location of the data file to be exported.

Note: When you click on More Commands “…” file for “Save to data file”

  • The below window will get open, save the “” file. (you can rename this file)
  • After uploading both the files it should look like below
  1. Click on Export Data 
  • Once the export is complete you will see below screen
  1. Click on Exit to close the tool

Steps to Import portal Configuration:

  1. Select  “Import Data” 🡪 Continue
  1. Enter the login details in below window
  1. Select the environment in which you want to import the portal configuration and click on Login
  1. Upload the “” file which we had created while exporting.
  1. After uploading Zip file click on “Import Data”
  • After uploading Zip file click on “Import Data”
  • Click on Exit to close the tool

Once your import is successful portal configuration will be migrated to another instance.

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