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Parse JSON in Power Automate


This blog explains how we can Parse JSON in Power Automate(MS Flow).

Steps to be followed:

Before adding Parse JSON action in flow we need the JSON schema.

Follow the below steps to get your JSON this will be useful when we use Parse JSON action in ms flow.

  • Run your flow before adding the Parse JSON action.(Run your incomplete flow)
  • After running the flow click on the run history to open.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-51-1024x483.png
  • Copy the JSON which you want to parse

Once you copy your JSON follow the below steps to Parse JSON.

  1. Search for “Parse JSON” action and select that.
  1. Parse JSON action requires Content and Schema.
  • Content: Enter your JSON in the content.
  • Schema: to enter Schema follow below steps
  • Click on Generate from sample
  • Paste your JSON which we copied before and click on Done

After adding Content and Schema

As you can see after adding parse JSON action we can access properties.

Entire Flow:

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