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Rating in PowerApps Portal

Introduction: In this blog, we will understand how to enable rating or voting feature in PowerApps Portal.

  • You can rate or vote on any webpage in the portal.
  • Ratings are custom activities and thus can be used in the same way as any other activity such as emails, phone calls, and so on.
  • A rating can also be added to any table including a custom table.

Steps to Enable ratings on webpage:

  1. Go to “Portal Management” app
  1. Go to “Webpage”
  2. Select the Web Page in which you want to enable ratings.
  1. Under the “General” tab of the webpage go to the “Page Options” section and update “Enable Rating” to YES.
  1. Save the record
  2. You also must update the “Enable Rating” on the “Localized content” page
  • Under the “General” tab go to the “Localized Content” section and open the record.
  1. Updating in Localized content page
  • Under the “General” tab go to the “Page Options” section and update “Enable Rating” to YES.
  1. Add below liquid code in your web template which you are using for the webpage

Or you can also add the liquid code directly on your webpage.

{% rating id:, entity: page.logical_name, readonly: false, panel: true, snippet: "Rating Heading", step: "1", min: "0", max: "5", round: true %} 
  1. After adding the code click on Browse website it will redirect you to that webpage on the portal and now you can see the rating on the webpage.

Now if you want to see this rating value in Model-driven App(result of rating)

  • Go to webpage where you have added ratings (make sure you go to the content page)

NOTE: if you don’t know how to go to content page refer the step no 06

  • Go to Related –> Feedback
  • Here you can see all the ratings related to this webpage

I hope you found this helpful! 😊

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