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Send emails from D365 CE(CRM) | Configure Mailbox in D365 CE

Introduction: In this blog, we will understand how we can send emails from D365 CE(CRM).

This blog covers:

  • How to purchase and assign Office 365 E3 license to the user. (license with exchange service)
  • How to configure the mailbox of the user.
  • Send Email messages from D365 CE(CRM)

Steps to be followed:

Purchase License which has Exchange service

  • The user must have an appropriate license to use Exchange services.
  • If you are working on presales or demo you can purchase trial services.

Follow the below steps to purchase trial services

  1. Go to the Admin center. (
  2. Go to Billing –> Purchase services.
  • Search for “Office 365” select “Office 365 E3” and click on Details.
  • Click on Start Free trial.
  • It will redirect you to the verification page, enter your mobile number and click on Text me it will send you an OTP on that number.
  • After entering OTP click on Start your free trial.
  • It will redirect you to the Check out page click on Try now.
  • Click on Continue.

After creating a trial account you must assign that license to your users.

Assign License to Users

  1. Go to Users –> Active users
  2. Select the user –> click on More actions(โ) –> click on Manage product licenses
  • Select Office 365 E3 and click on Save changes.

After assigning the license we have to configure the mailbox of the user.

Configuring the Mailbox

  1. Go to Power Platform Admin Center(
  2. Select your environment
  3. Click on Settings
  1. Expand Email and click on Mailboxes.
  1. Open the Mailbox of the user.
  1. Click on Approve Email
  2. Click on Test & Enable Mailbox
  1. After Configuring Successfully, you can see Status asย Successย for Incoming and Outgoing Email.

NOTE: if you get an UnknownIncomingEmailIntegrationError error try the above steps after few minutes your error will be resolved automatically.

After configuring the mailbox successfully user will get the below email.

  • Now User can send email messages from D365 CE.
  • Create and send test email message.
  • Recipients of the email will get the email message.


  1. If you don’t configure the mailbox of the user and send email messages from D365 CE then that email will not be sent it will be in “Pending Send” status.

I hope you find this helpful !! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

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