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[SOLVED] A type named ‘SP.Data.ListName’ could not be resolved by the model.

This blog explains how to resolve “A type named ‘SP.Data.ListItem’ could not be resolved by the model. When a model is available, each type name must resolve to a valid type.” error while creating an item in SharePoint List using Power Automate.

Follow below steps to resolve this issue:
  1. Select “Send an HTTP request to SharePoint” from Actions.

Using this action we will retrieve the full name of SharePoint List.

  1. Enter below details:

Site Address: Select the site address from the list. (or you can add from Dynamic content)

Method: GET

Uri: _api/lists/getbytitle(‘Display Name of List’)?$select=ListItemEntityTypeFullName

Example: _api/lists/getbytitle(‘Tender Management’)?$select=ListItemEntityTypeFullName


Accept : application/json;odata=verbose
Content-Type : application/json;odata=verbose
  1. Now store the full name of the list in compose action.
  1. Create SharePoint List Item using HTTP request.


  • in Uri enter the display name of the list as it is.
  • in the body pass the list name which we retrieved from the above request.

Entire Flow:


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